"Every time I’ve ever seen one of these shows, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever seen. And I think SiTE:LAB . . . should be in Frieze, Basel, Basel Switzerland, Basel Miami, everyplace. . . . I just think it’s some of the best, most witty and creative, open. Chaotic. In the best sense of the word. They bring the chaos, where new order comes from.” -Jerry Saltz, Senior Art Critic, New York Magazine


UNTITLED | December 1 – 7, 2014 | Booth C19 BLANE DE ST. CROIX – HIGH RISEDATESDec 1 Mon Vernissage...

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SiTE:LAB @ The Morton catalog now available+

The official catalog of our 2014 Artprize show is now available for order. Please see the link below…$25.99 http://www.blurb.com/b/5717292-site-lab-the-morton

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Julie Schenkelberg “Symptomatic Constant” - Jury WINNER for Installation!+

“Symptomatic Constant” is my representation of a shipwreck in the Midwest. It is filled with items locally sourced from the...

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STRANGE ATTRACTORS Jury Winner Best Venue+

“Every time I’ve ever seen one of these shows, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever seen. And I...

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Dance In The Annex “respirador (breather)” – Jury WINNER for Time Based+

The Morton becomes a living canvas in this original, site-specific work created by DITA Artistic Director Amy Wilson, called “respirador...

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Artprize 2014 Press+

MLIVE http://www.mlive.com/artprize/index.ssf/2014/09/artprize_2014_venue_review_sitelab_morton.html http://www.mlive.com/artprize/index.ssf/2014/08/artprize_2014s_sitelab_readies_historic_morton_house_for_exhibition_560000_contest.html http://www.mlive.com/entertainment/flint/index.ssf/2014/09/flint_public_art_project_takes_1.html#incart_river  http://www.mlive.com/artprize/index.ssf/2014/09/will_artprize_2014s_50000_artist_seed_grants_change_the_560000_competition.html#incart_river The Rapidian http://therapidian.org/upcycling-history-artists-construct-community-inside-sitelab-morton http://therapidian.org/sitelab-host-artprize-launch-party-benefit-rapidian  WZZM http://www.wzzm13.com/videos/news/local/2014/09/24/16142181/ http://www.wzzm13.com/videos/news/local/2014/09/24/16142181/ http://www.wzzm13.com/videos/news/local/2014/09/24/16142161/ http://616lofts.com/celebrating-5-years-rapidian/ http://www.mlive.com/artprize/index.ssf/2014/04/artprize_award-winning_venue_sitelab_will_occupy_morton_hotel_for_sixth_annual_exhibition.html MLIVE  

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Thank you to our sponsors and team!+

  As most of you know, SiTE:LAB is an all-volunteer, low budget operation.  The only way we can pull off...

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SiTE:LAB Artprize App for iOS and Android now available+

The SiTE:LAB app powered by Gelo is a companion app for experiencing the ‘SiTE:LAB At The Morton’ exhibition in-person during...

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The Morton Walkthrough+

As we prepare The Morton for Artprize, we have been investigating ways to showcase the building and make the basement...

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Christopher Fachini “Chung King House of Metal”+

Christopher Damone Fachini is obsessed with the origins of reggae in Jamaican neighborhoods. A musician who plays all instruments on...

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Graem Whyte “The Garden of Future Dreams”+

For ArtPrize this year Graem is excited to be with SiTE:LAB once again. Joining them at the historic Morton Hotel...

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TM Sisters “The Golden Room”+

The Miami based TM Sisters have created a multimedia installation in the ladies’ Florentine Room or “Golden Room”. Once a...

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Finding and repurposing spaces… two things in common between skateboarders and the SiTE:LAB team. We have teamed up for a...

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Joe Reinsel/Flint Public Art Project “Sliding Architecture”+

Amplifier/ Flint Public Art Project’s installation in collaboration with Joe Reinsel for the 2014 ArtPrize incorporates indoor and outdoor projection...

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Present Company “Space Drawing #36″+

As our contribution to the 2014 ArtPrize, Present Company will be collaborating with the New York-based artist Ryan Roa to...

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Kate Gilmore “Love ‘em, Leave ‘em”+

This performance was created specifically for an exhibition at MOCA Cleveland. Love ‘em, Leave ‘em will be exhibited at ArtPrize...

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Hubert Dobler “Roundabout2″+

Situated at the intersection of technology and art, my work revolves around chaos and utilizes “masculine tools,” such as motorcycles,...

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Scott Hocking “The Secrets of Nature”+

The Secrets of Nature is a mixed media installation focused on creation / destruction mythologies, prehistoric times, and the operations...

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Katie Bell “Hold Still”+

I am both a home-maker and a home-wrecker. I am in constant management of what comprises the home while at...

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Lisa Mueller-Trede “crossed situation”+

There are four parts to this work. Performances will take place every day. The artist will narrate stories verbally and...

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