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The Ice Next Time: Textiles and Artifacts of Dark Age North America (2026-2280ce) is an exhibition at the Grand Rapids Public Museum in the year 2429 and looks back at the dramatic historic era when electricity did not flow for over a hundred years. As most information had become digital, almost all historical models of progress and information were erased in an instant. When the layers of technology recombinantly built upon one another quickly crumbled, creative re-acquisition of ancient processes for producing power and useful materials was essential. During this time, word and contract was verbally passed on, written by hand, or typed in static ink. The greatest challenge to those who braved the dark shroud was recollection, and those who could recite became significant figures in our narrative of human survival. The Ice Next Time presents revered objects and handcrafts from this era, charting the disintegration of civil order and it’s continued reestablishment.