In this installation, panels are hung from the ceiling to extend and suggest a floating wedge of space. The panels strike a diagonal plane in the room, placed within the rhythm established by the recessed display cases of this former museum. An orthogonal field of point lights illuminate the colored panels, to produce a varying glow within the space. Working with minimal elements, the installation is an experiment in transforming the existing space subtly, simply, and atmospherically.

Rosalyne Shieh is an architect and partner at SCHAUM/SHIEH. She is also Assistant Professor of Architecture at the University of Michigan, where she was the 2009-2010 Taubman Fellow in Architecture. She received her Master of Architecture from Princeton University, a BA in Architecture from the University of California, Berkeley, and an MSc in Architectural History and Theory from the Bartlett School of Architecture in London. She has taught at NJIT and worked in the offices of Abalos & Herreros in Madrid, and ARO and Stan Allen Architect in New York City.

Troy Schaum is an architect and an Assistant Professor at Rice School of Architecture, where he was the 2008-2009 Wortham Fellow. He received his Master of Architecture from Princeton University and Bachelor of Architecture from Virginia Tech. In 2008 he co-founded SCHAUM/SHIEH Architects, a studio focused on testing new possibilities for form, representation and politics in the post-megalopolitan city. With his firm, Schaum has recently completed designs for a range of projects including, an art center in Dublin, pop-music center in Taiwan and an alternative urban plan for a shrinking Detroit.