Echo & Narcissus

Satellite Collective


Vote Code: 67243

SATELLITE COLLECTIVE’S ECHO & NARCISSUS is a vocal and hand projected performance – an aria to illuminate the unrest and discord of our moment. Original music, live performance by vocalists, and hand projected imagery move through the halls of a historic space of the city, followed by the audience. Whether it’s a politician’s self-aggrandizement or social media users in echo chambers, it’s a potent time to face the myth of Narcissus and what it means to look in a mirror. The performers will move from space to space as their story unfolds, illuminating themselves and the art near and around them with images of their own fears and inner lives.

New York based Satellite Collective incubates artists and diversity. Echo & Narcissus will be the 17th interdisciplinary performance work by Satellite Collective since its founding eight years ago.

ArtPrize/Frey Foundation Seed Grant Winner