Present Company “Space Drawing #36”

Present Company “Space Drawing #36”
As our contribution to the 2014 ArtPrize, Present Company will be collaborating with the New York-based artist Ryan Roa to create a massive, site-specific installation inspired by his “Space Drawings” series of work. Roa is a young, multi-disciplinary artist who was inspired to begin making work after completing his military service in Iraq. His installations, sculptures, videos and drawings have been featured in gallery and museum exhibitions across the United States and abroad. For the installation at the Morton Hotel, Present Company will collaborate with Roa to develop his largest work to date, while simultaneously corresponding with the grand spaces of this historic venue. Visitors will be allowed to pass through, around and under the patterned lines which seemingly grow from the ceiling, walls and floor, leading to a visceral sense of the majestic volume of the newly configured room. Category – Installation Vote Code: 56174

Founded in 2011, Present Company is a Brooklyn-based exhibition, performance, and social space run by artists/curators Brian Balderston, Chad Stayrook and José Ruiz. Our curatorial program highlights individuals and collectives that flourish in an atmosphere of experimentation and critical dialogue in order to collaboratively produce projects that may not be otherwise presented. SL_PresentCoRyanRoa


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March 21, 2015