S.U.N.D.A.E.(Study Underlying Narratives & Dimensional Allegories & Energies)  

Monroe A, O’Bryant


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Sundae is a 2D interdimensional piece, which focuses on the many facets and of an interracial relationship. I will be covering topics of love, loyalty, racial uncomfortably as well cultural appropriation,  Also, dynamics of historical comparative racism, and acceptance which will be intertwined into one complexed piece. The piece was shot in my traditional live still style, characters was placed in compromising positions, which includes fine art nudity. The piece will also explain stories of my beginnings of an artist. The Image will be set at a large scaled image displayed by projectors.  My goal is to create an open dialog between cultures, hoping to find solutions collectively. between humans, and to hope leave all with a better knowledge of self, cultural duties, and true understanding of what love is .  I hope you enjoy the SUNDAE!!    Peace and Love

Monroe A. O’Bryant

A Fearless Brother Project