Monika Wuhrer –The cHURCH OF MONIKA

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The cHURCH OF MONIKA is an ongoing, art conversation series based out of Open Source Gallery in Brooklyn, New York that seeks to communicate and demonstrate the role that art can and should play in communities.  Complete with its own art-related commandments and conceptually indebted to the Rothko Chapel in Houston, Texas, a profound monument to self-reflection, the cHURCH OF MONIKA gathers artists, academics, community leaders, and neighbors for conversation and exchange.

At Rumsey Street, the cHURCH will take place within a desanctified Catholic church, converting the space into music venue. The project will offer both professionals and amateurs the opportunity to use to stage by scheduling their own 20 minute performances. All performers will receive the same amount of time, same equipment, and same level of support. Through collaborations with local organizations, the project will present a diverse array of performers and music from the communities surrounding Grand Rapids.

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The cHURCH OF MONIKA es una conversación continua acerca de arte basado en el Open Source Gallery en Brooklyn de New York, la cual busca comunicar y demostrar el papel que puede y debe tener en las comunidades.  Completo con sus propios mandamientos relacionados con el arte y conceptualmente en deuda con la Capilla Rothko en Houston, Texas, un profundo monumento a la auto-reflexión, cHURCH OF MONIKA reúne a artistas, académicos, líderes comunitarios y vecinos para la conversación y el intercambio.

En la Calle Rumsey, este evento se llevará a cabo dentro del edificio desconsagrado, de lo que fuera antiguamente una iglesia Católica; para ARTPrize 7 se ha convertido en un espacio para música. Este proyecto les ofrecerá tanto a los profesionales como a los aficionados la oportunidad de utilizar este escenario al inscribirse y apartar sus 20 minutos para tocar o cantar. Todos los participantes recibirán la misma cantidad de tiempo, el mismo equipo, y el mismo nivel de apoyo. A través de la colaboración con organizaciones locales, el proyecto presentará una gran variedad de artistas y la música de las comunidades que rodean a Grand Rapids.


I develop work as a reaction- critical yet playful- to my enviroment. I am interested in making art a hyper-vivid expression of daily life, and challenging art world conventions by playing with its clichés. In 2008 I found Open Source. Inspired by the open source initiative and the ease of interactivity on the web, we share a transparent agenda at Open Source. We offer creatives, their families and our neighbors access to a project space, a creative community, and regular opportunities to make art part of their daily lives. We welcome input and contributions focused on offering challenging commentary via the process of artmaking. Ideas like the soup kitchen, the soap box derby and the cHURCH OF MONIKA are getting amazing response by the people and the press. Conceptually indebted to the Rothko Chapel in Houston, Texas, that profound monument to the freedom and pursuit of communal self-reflection, with the cHURCH OF MONIKA our mission is to use art as a surrogate for religion. We take a non-denominational and tolerant attitude in our journey through life and our hope is to build an alliance with people of all faiths and world-views. We suffer no delusions of grandeur, we only seek to inspire and be inspired by the art of life and community.

The stage is yours to jam, sing, dance, or play during ArtPrize!

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We are looking for any and all music-lovers in the Grand Rapids area who are interested in taking part in a community-based art event during ArtPrize 2015. Musicians and performers of any kind are invited to organize a 20 minute performance. Any kind of instrument, noise-level (in moderation), or music–spoken word, gospel choir, mariachi, rock band–is welcome. Sign up below then bring your equipment, audience and, of course, your creativity!

Whatever noise you create, we’d love to hear it!

This project has been created through a collaboration between Open Source Gallery and SiTE:LAB – and will help build on the thriving community that surrounds Rumsey Street. The event will run throughout ArtPrize: September 23rd-October 11th


A microphone and and amp will be provided. If you require any other equipment or materials, you must provide and transport them yourself.
You will have exactly 20 minutes for your performance. You are welcome to play or present anything you like!
You are responsible for set-up and clean-up of your own equipment and materials.

Location: 333 Rumsey Street SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503