Lisa Mueller-Trede “crossed situation”

Lisa Mueller-Trede “crossed situation”

There are four parts to this work. Performances will take place every day. The artist will narrate stories verbally and via movement on the floor and on the immediate architectural surroundings throughout Morton Hotel. The idea is to extend the working space vertically. Secondly, the artist will occasionally encounter with recipients. These movements and encounters will be filmed in 3D. Thirdly this footage will be shown the next day. As time emerges the film will extend due to the assemblage of the various encounters. The fourth part are numerous installations placed all over the exhibition space.

Category – Time-Based

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As a performance artist Lisa Mueller-Trede creates works which to a great extent derive from interactions between the artist and the recipients. Using materials such as rope, wire, and cardboard the architectural surroundings are adjusted to serve these encounters. Some of these interactive performances are captured either on film or photographs and are wound into objects and installations. The body is the instrument connecting subjects and also objects via movement and voice, juxtaposing solid and fluid, static and dynamic results and processes. As this entry is time based, the photographs of the wall give an idea of the artist’s concept, however they do not display the piece shown at the ArtPrize 2014 itself. Lisa has studied Communication Science and Acting in Vienna. In 2013 she performed at the Venice Biennale, at the Kunstverein Hamburg and the Bundeskunsthalle Bonn, 2014 at the Independent Art Fair New York in collaboration with John Bock.



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March 21, 2015