Kronschlaeger + Amenta + Lott| HYBRID STRUCTURES | Vote Code 63560 | Jurors’ Shortlist finalist in the Installation category.

Grand Rapids Mi, New York, NewYork
Steel, Wood, Rumsey Street buildings 2016

Artist Statement

HYBRID STRUCTURES was conceived by Alois Kronschlaeger (artist), in collaboration with Paul Amenta (artist), and Ted Lott (architect), in partnership with Chris Smit of DisArt.. The genesis of this concept was the discovery of an image revealing a bridge/walkway once connecting the former church and rectory buildings. HYBRID STRUCTURES is a response to the abandoned buildings that line the Northside of Rumsey Street which includes: the deconsecrated Catholic church, rectory, school building and convent. A series of ramps traverse, pierce, and connect these structures, providing an accessible and inclusive exploration of the site. New vantage points are created into the abandoned buildings as well as onto the surrounding site, granting visitors an opportunity to experience Rumsey Street in new and extraordinary ways. Access becomes Art.

Reflexión del Artista

Esta intervención arquitectónica es una colaboración entre Alois Kronschlaeger (artista), Paul Amenta (artista), y Ted Lott (arquitecto); en asociación con Chris Smit de DisArt. Este concepto tuvo su génesis en el descubrimiento de una imagen que revelaba un puente/paso que en algún momento conectó la iglesia con la rectoría. HYBRID STRUCTURES [Estructuras Híbridas] es una reacción a los edificios abandonados en la parte norte de Rumsey Street que incluyen: la iglesia católica desconsagrada, la rectoría, el edificio de la escuela y el convento. Una serie de rampas atraviesan, perforan y conectan estas estructuras permitiendo una exploración accesible y abierta del sitio. Nuevas perspectivas surgen de los edificios abandonados y en los sitios aledaños, permitiendo a los visitantes experimentar “Rumsey Street” a través de nuevas y extraordinarias maneras. El acceso se transforma en Arte.


Alois Kronschlaeger was born in 1966 in Grieskirchen, Austria. He holds an MFA from The School of Visual Arts, and a BA from Empire State College. Kronschlaeger is best known for his site-specific installations and sculptures, which demonstrate a preoccupation with environment and light, as well as an interest in exploring time and space via geometry. His work has been exhibited internationally at institutions including the Bruce Museum (CT), the Yuan Art Museum (Beijing) and MOCA Tucson (AZ), where his installation Untitled (Basin and Range) took over the Great Hall of the museum. Since 2011, the artist has produced two site-specific installations with SiTE:LAB in Grand Rapids, MI, including Spire, which stretched over three stories tall, and Habitat, which was staged in the former Grand Rapids Public Museum. Kronschlaeger also partnered with SiTE:LAB to create the special installation 30° in Miami, FL. A solo exhibition at Cristin Tierney Gallery was in the spring 2015. He lives and works in New York.

Sponsored by

Kate and Richard Wolters Foundation
Daniel and Pamella DeVos Foundation
Peter C. and Emajean Cook Foundation
Twink Frey
This project was supported through an Artist Seed Grant from the Frey Foundation
Cristin Tierney Gallery