Jessica Bonenfant Coogan – Disembodied Woman

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Disembodied Woman is fearless. We ask what it means to let yourself be looked at – and are brave enough to open up the liminal space between looking and touching. We hope to present an interactive and thought provoking experience about the ownership of women’s bodies, objectification, and rape culture by blurring the boundaries between performer and observer. Disembodied Woman at ArtPrize will bring together performative research experiments created since 2011. Beginning with a residency at Performing Arts Forum in St. Erme, France, previous iterations have taken place in Brooklyn, NY at Micro Museum, ShapeShifter Lab, Triskelion Arts, and the Itinerant Performance Art Festival at Grace Exhibition Space. Chashama presented the project as a week-long installation in a storefront window in Manhattan’s Garment District, which was supported by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.


Disembodied Woman es audaz. Preguntamos lo que significa dejarse mirar – y somos lo suficientemente valientes como para abrir el espacio casi imperceptible entre el mirar y el tocar. Esperamos presentar una experiencia interactiva y estimulante acerca de la propiedad de los cuerpos de las mujeres, la objetivación y la cultura de la violación, borrando las barreras entre la artista y la observante. Disembodied Woman en ArtPrize reunirá experimentos en estudios interpretativos creados desde el año 2011. Comenzando con una residencia en el Foro para las Artes Interpretativas en San Erme, Francia, iteraciones anteriores se han presentado en Brooklyn, New York en el Micro Museum, ShapeShifter Lab, Triskelion Arts y en el Festival de Arte Itinerante (Itinerant Performance Art Festival) en el Grace Exhibition Place.Chashama presentó el proyecto como una instalación en un escaparate en el Garment District de Manhattan durante una semana, lo cual fue apoyado por una beca otorgada por la Fundación Nacional para las Artes (National Endowment for the Arts).


Artprize 2015 Seed Grant Recipient Jessica Bonenfant Coogan uses movement, text and striking imagery to craft performances that arouse questions and evoke emotions. 2015 marks an exciting point in her career as she began to split her time between Ireland and the U.S. Jessica, with her husband Hughie Coogan, recently founded of Greywood Arts, an artist’s residency space in County Cork. With her NYC-based company, Lola Lola Dance Theatre, Jessica has received support from the National Endowment for the Arts (via Chashama), been awarded residencies in the US and Europe, and has over ten years experience presenting work for the stage, site-specific spaces, and film. In 2014 she was fortunate to work with Dance in the Annex (Grand Rapids), Spread Art (Detroit), and the Abhainn Ri Festival (Ireland). She also taught in the dance department at Grand Valley State University and for the American College Dance Festival. She is a member of CDP/NYC, a group that practices performance improvisation grounded in Buddhist philosophy. Jessica holds an MFA in choreography from University of Michigan and is frequent guest artist for the University of Toledo.