IU Bloomington, Graduate Sculpture Program | Inside Outside|  Vote Code 63582

Bloomington, IN



Mixed Media; Cast Aluminum and Bronze; Video; Inflatable Nylon; Found Objects; Acrylic Paint; Resin 2016

Amelia Volwiler-Stanley

Dan Woerner

Kate Burnet

James Kidd

Matthew Falvey


Artist Statement

In Inside Outside the Graduate Students of Indiana University have interwoven their four distinctive installation-based works at 339 Franklin St SW. Regardless of the outwardly diverse appearances of the works installed on the property, the artists find cohesion in their themes and architectural interventions. The individual artists operate on varying planes in both media and in subject – such as the controversial methods of water conservation, the interpersonal balance of communication and silence, the unpleasant affect of tourism, and symbols of North American cultural shift. The members of this group individually intervened with the existing structures in very unique ways, but interconnectivity exists in their overlapping in themes of instability and transformation, loss and rebirth, strength and vulnerability, and external vs internal environments.

Reflexión del Artista

En Inside Outside, los estudiantes graduados de la Universidad de Indiana han entretejido cuatro obras distintivas basadas en las instalaciones en Franklin St., 339, SW. Sin importar el aspecto aparentemente diverso de las obras instaladas en la propiedad, los artistas encuentran cohesión en sus temas e intervenciones arquitectónicas. Los artistas individuales funcionan en varios planos, tanto en recursos como en temas, tales como los métodos polémicos de conservación del agua, el equilibrio interpersonal de la comunicación y el silencio, el efecto desagradable del turismo y los símbolos del cambio cultural norteamericano. Los miembros de este grupo intervinieron individualmente con las estructuras existentes de modos únicos, pero existe una trama de relaciones subyacentes en la superposición de los temas de inestabilidad y transformación, pérdida y renacimiento, fuerza y vulnerabilidad y ambientes externos e internos.


The Graduate Students of the Indiana University Sculpture Department in Bloomington, IN include the following six emerging artists: Matthew Falvey (Boca Raton, FL), James Kidd (Dayton, OH), Amelia Volwiler-Stanley (Grand Rapids, MI), and collaborative team Dan Woerner & Kate Burnet (New York City, NY). These artists’ subject matters span a wide range of various social, environmental, and cultural issues. Their chosen media are also just as varied, and run the gamut with metal casting, animation, found objects, drawing, video, and textiles. The Indiana University Master of Fine Arts Candidates have previously participated in SiTE:LAB as artists in “Black Gold” curated by Julie Schenkelberg during Art:Downtown 2016.

This project was supported through an Artist Seed Grant from the Frey Foundation

The School of Fine Arts at IU has individually awarded each artist in the group the Grant-In-Aid Materials Grant Award.