So how does Site:lab always seem to be in the running for best venue for ArtPrize and always have artists listed amongst the Jurors selections/winners?
The long answer…
17 Amazing projects by a handpicked selection of national and international artists that bring outstanding work to our town.
1 Artist/Curator/Handyman/Builder/Crazy Person
1 Artist/Lawyer/NonProfit Machine
1 Interior designer/Event Queen/Force of Nature
1 Information Architect/UX designer/Graphic designer/Smartest guy in the room
1 Web/Social/PR/Event Planner/Audio-Video Wrangler/Nerd
1 Respected local artist/Hardest working guy ever
1 Builder/Problem Solver/Baker/Bar Manager/3rd Shifter
1 Dancer/curator/artist/teacher/Crazy Person
1 Guy that has a tool for everything (and if he doesn’t he’ll make one)
1 Furniture Design Student that is also in the running to be called “hardest working guy ever (version 2.0)”
1 Student, that although new to the game, stepped up and knocked it out of the park (repeatedly)
1 Writer/bar runner/voice of reason/all around help
1 JR Interior designer (in name only)/All around go to problem solver
1 Professor/Department Runner/Designer/All around supporter
1 Exhibits guy/carpenter/smart aleck/cleanup hitter
A whole lot of amazing supportive partners/wives/husbands/boyfriends/girlfriends/bosses/kids/parents/relatives
A hundred other people/volunteers/organizations not listed because its late and i’m tired and probably forgetting someone important (sorry but you know who you are, and we thank you!)
And finally 1 Community partner that is smart/crazy/visionary/trusting enough to hand over the keys to 4 acres/10 buildings to all the people listed above!
The short answer…
Hard work, dedication, creativity and amazing team that works together to get it done (mixed with a bit of craziness).