In preparation for Artprize 8, SiTE:LAB has begun reshaping the Rumsey St. Project neighborhood. One of the most visual early changes is the re-location of a house from Franklin to Rumsey St. The house will be used by Julie Schenkelberg for her project “Transmigration”.

I am transforming a house into sculpture. Growing up in Cleveland, I have imagined how the decaying city, in its mysterious state could be reborn into an artful story. I longed to honor the abandoned buildings’ history and recreate them into a new state of being. This is why I have entitled my project TransMigration, it is a rebirth to see a neglected structure breath into another form. The house project is a female appropriation of large-scale sculpture; working on a massive scale has traditionally been a male artists language. My work is about splitting and investigating materials that belong to the history and psychology of the home, using a whole house as my medium, is a natural step into this exploration. The house is being relocated to a parking lot behind it, changing the address of the house. I am extracting the house to its original structure and making a series of 4′ by 2′ cuts around the exterior and interior, with light projection through it in the evening. —Julie Schenkelberg

ArtPrize entrant moves 2-story house in Rumsey Street Project

GRAND RAPIDS, MI - Artist Julie Schenkelberg began working on her entry for this year's ArtPrize in earnest on Friday, June 3, when she watched a moving company pick up and move a two-story house into place on Rumsey Street SW.

House moved to new street for ArtPrize 8 entry

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) - ArtPrize 8 is still several months away, but Friday, a vacant house was moved hundreds of feet away so that it can be transformed into an ArtPrize entry. New York-based artist Julie Schenkelberg - an artist who previously took home an ArtPrize award - plans to carve the house into a piece of art and light it up at night.

House moved to ArtPrize site 3 months before competition

GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. - ArtPrize 2016 is a little more than three months away -- and one artist's work is already drawing some attention. Julie Schenkelberg is transforming a house into a sculpture. The piece is titled, "TransMigration." On Friday, the house was moved to its new location -- SiTELAB on Rumsey Street in Grand Rapids.