A Family Affair

Heartside Ministry Artist Collective


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A Family Affair” Heartside Ministry Artist Collective is a rare collection of intuitive Black Folk Art made by Heartside Artists. Heartside artists come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. Some have experienced the disadvantages and hardships of homelessness. Others suffer from various emotional, physical or mental disabilities.  Heartside Art Gallery and Studio began in 1993 as a program of Heartside Ministry. Most Heartside artists have never received formal training, yet the artwork in our studio shows the talent which comes naturally and intuitively. “A Family Affair” exhibit will be a showcase of 12 Heartside Artists art work. Heartside artists will use variations of different mediums including oil paintings, woodworking, quilts and much more to make “A Family Affair” exhibit very unique. Heartside Art Gallery and Studio has supported the neighbors of the Heartside neighborhood for over 20 years. Heartside Art Gallery and Studio is dedicated to providing a space for showing artist’s unique responses to the experiences of their lives.

Scott Robinson- Orange, Lime Green, Yellow Abstract

Tommie Wallace- “The Descendants”

Robin Streeter- Moving Mountains Series

Tom Salazar- Black History Icons

Cindy Lopez- Caribbean Landscape Series

William JJ- The Museum of Everything (Deceased)

Cathie Hines- Acrylic Abstracts

Mike Tate- Many faces water color and sketching’s

Fuzzy Jane- Cat Family

Unknown Heartside Artist –African King

Anthony Harrell – Pastel Series, Memorial paintings (Deceased)

Cory Ruiz- Tribal Art


ArtPrize/Frey Foundation Seed Grant Winner