Diana Shpungin – Drawing of a house – Frequently Ask Questions

1. How long did the project take?

From conception to completion, approximately 8 months. Which was an incredibly accelerated amount of time for a project of this scale and ambition.

2. What are the materials and process?

The house was very specifically altered through a multi-stage process based on the artist’s aesthetics. It was deconstructed, reconstructed, boarded up and cleaned up to create a minimal sculpture. The house was then primed in its entirety with a special coating to allow the graphite to stick properly. Then the graphite was tediously applied by hand to the complete surface.

3. How long will the graphite surface last?

Graphite is both an incredibly temporary and permanent material dependent on how it is treated. Of course it can be smudged or erased but it is also fairly waterproof and is one of the most archival and lightfast materials if left untouched. The project will stay up through the spring and we expect some fading, smudging or aging, as that was considered and adds to the concept and the temporary nature of the work. But the graphite should last the entirety for the most part.

4. How many people worked on this project?

We estimate at least 100 people were involved in making this project happen.

5. Who were the people?

The artist and her team of assistants, SiteLab staff, community members, the former resident pastor of the rectory, people who work and reside in the neighborhood, volunteers who answered an open call, faculty and staff from local schools, local artists, school groups of all ages, university arts students and recent graduates.

6. What is the process for the animations?

Many hand-drawn pencil drawings were photographed and compiled to create the video animations, in a very painstaking, old school frame-by-frame process. Each frame in its entirety is a unique drawing; this creates the flickering feeling of the imagery.

7. How many drawings for the animations?

Close to 1000 individual drawings were made to complete the nine animations for this project.