Disappointing news from Bloomberg Philanthropies #publicArt Challenge

SiTE:LAB announced today that Grand Rapids was not one of the four cities selected to receive a grant from the Bloomberg Philanthropies through its Public Art Challenge.  In March it was announced that Grand Rapids was one of twelve finalists for the grants for a proposal in support of SiTE:LAB’s Rumsey Street Project. The Rumsey Street Project involves the conversion of nearly three acres and a dozen vacant structures in the Roosevelt Park neighborhood into a temporary art center and residency.  The property and buildings have been made available to SiTE:LAB by Habitat for Humanity of Kent County which acquired them in anticipation of a major neighborhood redevelopment project to be begun in 2017. 

“While we are obviously disappointed” said SiTE:LAB co-founder and curator Paul Amenta, “we are still extremely excited about this project.  Habitat has given us an incredible opportunity to do a project on a scale that exceeds anything we have ever done before.”     

SiTE:LAB’s plans for the project focus on large-scale site-specific work done by local and international artists.  While performances, workshops and other activities will take place on the property over a period of eighteen months, two large exhibitions will be undertaken as part of ArtPrize 2015 and 2016. 

Congratulations to  Albany, Schenectady and Troy, NY – Gary, IN – Los Angeles, CA – Spartanburg, SC