Crossroad Collective


Vote Code: 67359

How do we love ourselves so deeply, that we transform the toxicity surrounding us?

We build.

  • Worlds that question the inadequate “answers”.
  • Safe spaces to imagine alternative solutions, to heal & reckon, to access new powers both as individuals & as constellations of community.

During ArtPrize, we’ll conjure a “Freedom School”.  Through performance & installation, we will present a sanctuary over three weeks, reclaiming education by celebrating spiritual literacy & creativity.

In the tradition of beach gatherings of enslaved ancestors, the Southern Freedom Schools that emerged in the 1960’s, & current Freedom Educators responding to inadequate public school systems,  we re-center lessons we should’ve received from the start, preparing us for a life that demands imagination in the face of hardship, & action in the face of injustice.

ArtPrize/Frey Foundation Seed Grant Winner