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México City, Mexico
Mixed Media 2016

Artist Statement

Ciclo Grand Rapids will explore how we relate with our surroundings, and then temporarily activate the public space providing new narrative and memory.
Ciclo GR will focus on creating awareness in gender inequality in city rights. We want to explore different ways to transit the city, under the premise that public spaces englobe invisible prohibitions and neglections for women´s activities, resulting in social practices that deny the equality in use and transit with a negative impact in the symbolic, cultural and recreative use we give to urban life.

Mexican  muralist Paola Beck will create a site-specific installation in the format of large scale collage with local content. By making the feminine narratives visible as a symbolic gesture, the living process of creating this installation can be a powerful and effective method in changing the idea that the natural space for women to be is in private.

Reflexión del Artista

Ciclo Grand Rapids fue una exploración de cómo nos relacionamos con nuestro entorno, y para después activar temporalmente nuestro espacio con una nueva narrativa y memoria.

Ciclo GR tuvo como punto de partida el crear consciencia en la inequidad de género en la forma de transitar el espacio público, tomando en cuenta de que éste engloba prohibiciones invisibles en la negación de las actividades de las mujeres, que resultan de practicas sociales que niegan la igualdad en el uso y tránsito, que se traducen en un impacto simbólico, cultural y recreativo que engloban las ciudades en sus espacios públicos.

La pintora y muralista Paola Beck creará una instalación en el formato de un collage de gran formato con contenidos locales. Al llevar las narrativas femeninas encontradas durante la investigación, haremos visibles con un gesto simbólico, el proceso en vivo de cómo el la creación colectiva de esta instalación pude ser un método efectivo y poderoso para cambiar la idea de que el espacio natural de las mujeres es el privado.


Ciclo is a collaborative project that seeks to develop or create new dialogues between public spaces and their inhabitants with site-specific art installations.  By integrating a diverse audience and promoting social encounters, our social practice has the intent to create aesthetic experiences that will lead towards critical thinking. The group dimension of our social experience encourages viewers and participants to immerse themselves in all of the production processes, allowing the group members to consider their personal position within a larger field of social and political commitment. We provide different disciplines methods and perspectives as a platform to generate plurality in exploring alternative ways to promote human encounters while spreading knowledge and respect of local identity. Ciclo is an on -going project that continuously seeks for experiencing the public space as a dialogue generator collaborating with ngo´s, local governments, institutions, universities and everyone involved in active participation towards a better world.

Laura Reséndiz (Art historian) is known for her involvement in the processes of art production inn order to create aesthetic experiences in public spaces to create dialogues with social practice content, make them available to all audiences and provoke critical thinking and participation. She firmly believes that Art as an educational and well driven tool can create positive urban-emotional transformations.

Paola Beck (Artist) is best known for her social practice where she aims to change negative social dynamics through public space transformation with community participation. Her large scale muralpaintings demonstrate her concern in creating positive messages with significant content.

Sofía Deveaux (Sociologist) has been focused on research of cultural and social projects fordevelopment in contexts of violence, discrimination and / or poverty. She works towards changing the concept of being recipients of our history and promotes active participation in creating it by narrating, producing and sharing knowledge with corporal and qualitative methodologies.


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