Christopher Fachini “Chung King House of Metal”

Christopher Fachini  “Chung King House of Metal”

Christopher Damone Fachini is obsessed with the origins of reggae in Jamaican neighborhoods. A musician who plays all instruments on his recordings. He composes and riffs on 1960s Jamaican rhythms. Playing over a stack of speakers and boomboxes, Fachini DJs from cassettes of this, exclusive to the sound system. This installation incorporates his Rockbox Sound System along with other visual elements he calls The Cassette Pets.

Category – Installation

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Detroit sound artist Christopher Fachini’s performances are inspired by the rebellious energy of dub reggae music associated with Jamaican independence. They are set against his Rock Box Sound System. Fachini was described by Chris Handyside of the Detroit Metro Times as “one of Detroit’s truly under-appreciated musical talents” with an “ear for the essence of Motown, Phil Spector, the Beach Boys and old soul pop music.” His solo project called “The Mental Machine,” premiered at Detroit MOCAD’s grand opening in October, 2006.



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March 21, 2015