Ana Belen Cantoni | Of Plank and Nail | Vote Code 63573

Bogotá, Colombia
Pieces of wood will intersect through the ceiling of the house, creating a structure of parasitic architecture on its roof, while at the same time affecting its interior. 2016

Artist Statement

The notion of urban architectural space as a restraint, one that denies both the body and the landscape, is central to my work. In response to it, I create abstract installations and sculptures that are typically made on site and include direct evidence of the process of their creation and the strategies used in it. These works are intricate and expansive constructions, whose fragility is highlighted by the use of soft materials and by an air of provisionality. My installation work is in close relationship with my drawing practice. As I see it, the difference between drawing on paper and drawing in space is analogous to the difference between written language and spoken one.

Reflexión del Artista

La noción del espacio arquitectónico urbano como restricción, que niega tanto el cuerpo como el paisaje, es parte central de mi obra. Como respuesta a eso, creo instalaciones y esculturas abstractas que por lo general están hechas en el lugar e incluyen pruebas directas del proceso de su creación y las estrategias utilizadas.

Estas obras son construcciones intrincadas y extensas cuya fragilidad está destacada por el uso de materiales suaves y por un aire de provisionalidad.

Mi obra de instalación guarda estrecha relación con mi práctica de dibujo. A mi entender, la diferencia que existe entre dibujar en papel y dibujar en un espacio es similar a la diferencia que existe entre el lenguaje escrito y oral.


With her drawing and installation work, Ana Belen Cantoni has had several solo shows and has participated in more than thirty group shows. Her work has been exhibited internationally in places like the John Harriman Gallery (Lima, Peru), the Art Museum of the Americas (Washington DC), the AC Institute (New York, NY), the Banco de la República Museum and the Santa Fe Gallery (Bogotá Colombia). MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute (2011) and BFA from the National University of Colombia (2007), where she graduated with honours. Ana Belen Cantoni has received multiple grants and scholarships, such as the Fubright Scholarship, DAAD Scholarship and the Phelan, Murphy and Cadogan Fellowship. Her work is in the permanent collections of the Museum of the Banco de la República, Colombia, and in the SPACE collection, California, US. She is currently an artist in residence in the Weissensee Kunsthochschule Berlin.

This project was supported through an Artist Seed Grant from the Frey Foundation