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There is knowledge in the haptic; the body and the breath. The objects and materials that we physically interact with teach us something about the world and about ourselves. My work embraces the visceral, and melds it with the compositional; union of body and object, prop and sculpture, photograph and subject. My sculptural practice is supported by photography, collage and drawing. I am interested in how these forms communicate, meld, and often layer to create meaning. Pivoting between the recognizable to the surreal, my work allows itself grace to fall further into the rabbit hole while taking cues from the quotidian. There is an acceptance of transparent facade, like identical suburban homes that each manifest uniqueness. A man in a two car garage, tacking up pegboard and organizing his tools with a sharpie outline around the shape of each, is assigning order. He takes control of his private space as a means to beget individuality.