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Animated stop-motion/time-lapse Camera Obscura installation inside the old abandoned Grand Rapids Public Museum. The museum with it’s intact & decaying exhibits have been closed to the Public for 16 years. “Magic inspires my art; the something that comes from nothing.” My process-oriented kinetic, cinematic animation events are inspired by temporal site specific ‘in situ’ locations. This art/animation practice is expressed through a handmade ethos of the single frame. Time, puppets, motion, found objects & light are the elements that play out their choreographed anarchic alchemical processes of transmuted detritus. Working with digital media and the magic of early 19th century technology ( Camera Obscuras) raises conflicting questions, expressing 21st century conundrums. I adapt rejected and fleeting materials of the “real” world to express idiosyncratic moments in the imagined spaces. “Nova ex Veteris” “The new must be born out of the old.”