Office of the Archivist
Intake Report 26 SEPT 2015

Registrants: 206

Regarding Number of Siblings:
14 were only children
67 were one of two children
47 were one of three children
30 were one of four children
15 were one of five children
12 were one of six children
5 were one of seven children
2 were one of eight children
1 was one of nine children
4 were one of ten or more children
3 did not respond

Regarding Employment types:
32 indicated they were students
12 indicated they were retired
20 indicated they were in the Education field
9 indicated they were in the Art & Design field
35 indicated they were in Management and/or Executive positions
13 indicated that they were self employed
12 indicated they were in the Medical field
3 indicated that they were unemployed
7 affirmed that they were employed
3 listed the physical position incurred as part of their employment

Regarding Current & Childhood Street:
5 did not list a Current Street
9 did not list a Childhood Street
2 did not respond to either question