Office of the Archivist
Intake Report 24 SEPT 2015

Attendees: an accurate count was not possible due to traffic congestion
Registrants: 174

Of the Registrants:
Regarding the name they provided:
One indicated that they had no middle name.
One was undecipherable.
23 offered some version of their full name.
4 offered their First and Middle names.
11 offered only their First name.
The remainder offered their First Name and Middle Initial as requested
on the intake form.

Regarding Travel from Origin:
15 responded with a number of miles.
One responded with a length of time.
15 did not respond.
9 responded without indication of distance, time, or place.
1 responded indicating the Moon.
5 responded with a Continent.
17 responded with a State, Province, or Territory.
36 responded with a City.
The remainder responded with a Country.

Regarding Employment Status & Vocation:
40 indicated that their Employment & Vocation were the same fields.
41 did not respond to one or either questions.
The remainder indicated that their Employment & Vocation were not connected