Office of the Archivist
Intake Report 24 SEPT 2015

Due to a technical error, today’s report does not include images or
Pantone scan information. The Office of the Archivist team is working
to fix the error at this time.

Attendees: 105 (92 Adults, 13 Youth)
Registrants: 47

Of the Registrants:
28 arrived by Auto
2 arrived by Bus
3 arrived by Bicycle
6 arrived by Foot
8 indicated multiple modes of transportation

28 originated from Michigan
14 originated from other States in the US
3 originated from countries other than the US
4 did not respond cogently

19 were first born
19 were middle children
9 were the youngest child
2 did not respond
2 indicated being a twin

32 listed their Parents with Father’s name first
16 listed their Parents with Mother’s name first
1 listed only one Parent
1 did not respond

Leo was the most represented Zodiac sign, almost equal was Scorpio. A
four way tie for th