Office of the Archivist

Intake Report 23 SEPT 2015

Attendees: 75 (64 Adults, 11 Youth)

Registrants: 35

Of the Registrants:

25 arrived by Auto

5 arrived by Foot

5 indicated multiple modes of transportation

23 originated from Michigan

8 originated from other States in the US

2 originated from other countries

2 indicated origin being from Earth

13 were first born

14 were middle children

6 were the youngest child

2 did not respond

19 listed their Parents with Father’s name first

12 listed their Parents with Mother’s name first

3 listed only one Parent

1 did not respond

Capricorn was the most represented Zodiac sign

31 percent did not indicated a Vocation

34 successful Pantone color scans, taken from back of hands. I failed scan.

Today featured property is:

352 Rumsey SW