Angle of Repose is a site-specific exploration of gravity’s impact on bodies in motion. DITA dancers will create original, time-based works at SiTE:LAB, performing on a steeply slanted stage, also incorporating sound, light, and video – creating a dynamic, multi-sensory environment that is always changing, both for dancers and audiences. The slanted stage transforms movement by changing the physical forces bearing down on the dancers, redefining their relationship with gravity, mass, acceleration, and friction. The performers adapt technique to navigate this altered state, recalibrating what is involved with motion.

The installation is made possible through support by Goodrich Quality Theatres, Lott3Metz Architecture, John S. Hyatt & Associates and The Ralph Livingston III Arts Memorial Fund.

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Artist bio

With a focus on artistry and technique, creativity and collaboration, Dance In The Annex’s (DITA) mission is to secure, promote and enhance modern dance in Grand Rapids by fostering an appreciation of dance through education and performance opportunities.