Carlos Bunga’s site-specific work is located in one of the galleries of the former Grand Rapids Public Museum which still has on display original dioramas and showcases from the 1970s illustrating the diversity of the local wildlife. “Ecosystem” refers to the concept based on the interaction of living organisms with any other element in their local environment. On this occasion, the old dioramas interact directly with the installation itself. Bunga uses cardboard and paint to establish new associations, separating certain areas and joining others so that the new architecture created blends with the old building. The artist creates a new museology, with the painting and color allowing him to unify the whole space and create a unique 360 degree diorama, where the showcases are fully integrated with the surrounding painting. The viewer stands before a mural that combines large splashes of paint with still-life paintings.

Carlos Bunga creates process-oriented works in various formats — installations, sculptures, paintings, performances, video and drawings – that refer to and intervene in their immediate architectural surroundings. While often using ordinary, unassuming materials such as packing cardboard and adhesive tape, the results involve a highly developed degree of aesthetic care and delicacy, as well as a conceptual complexity derived from the interrelationship between doing and undoing, transience and permanence, unmaking and remaking, the micro and the macro, the investigation and conclusion.

Thanks to DeWitt Packaging for its donation of material for this project.