SiTE:LAB Special Project at UNTITLED Art Fair in Miami Beach 2016

SiTE:LAB Special Project at UNTITLED Art Fair in Miami Beach 2016
SiTE:LAB Special Project at UNTITLED Art Fair in Miami Beach
SiTE:LAB is excited to be presenting a Special Project in the 5th edition of the UNTITLED Art Fair in Miami Beach, featuring HYBRID STRUCTURE (Miami Folly) an installation by artists Alois Kronshlaeger and Paul Amenta, and architect Ted Lott of Lott3Metz Architecture, in partnership with DisArt, and
UNTITLED Radio.HYIBRID STRUCTURE (Miami Folly) is the second iteration of HYBRID STRUCTURES, a much larger site-specific intervention which took place in Grand Rapids, Michigan as part of SiTE:LAB’s ArtPrize exhibition Everything is Transformed. HYBRID STRUCTURES was conceived by Alois Kronschlaeger (artist), in collaboration with Paul Amenta (artist), and Ted Lott (architect), in partnership with Chris Smit of DisArt. This architectural intervention was a response to the abandoned buildings that line the Northside of Rumsey Street which include:the deconsecrated Catholic church, rectory, school building and convent. A series of ramps traversed, pierced, and connected these structures, providing an accessible and inclusive exploration of the site. New vantage points were created into the abandoned buildings as well as the surrounding site, granting visitors an opportunity to experience Rumsey Street in new and extraordinary ways. Access became art. For more info: aloiskronschlaeger.wordpress.comDisArt Director, Chris Smit will present the Dystopia podcast as part of the UNTITLED Radio program each day 2:00 – 3:00 pm. DIStopia looks at disability culture from the inside out. DIStopia is the podcast development by DisArt, a multi-platform, culture building organization achieving its mission through an
international disability arts festival in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The mission of DisArt is to change perceptions about disability, one work of art at a time
UNTITLED Radio in partnership with Miami-based web station Wynwood Radio will broadcast live from HYBRID STRUCTURE (Miami Folly) — broadcasting talks, discussions, sound and performance-based work from the fair to a broader audience. UNTITLED Radio, developed by Programming Director Amanda Schmitt, includes an extensive schedule of live and pre-recorded audio and musical performances, curated playlists, and experimental



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December 3, 2016